Craig Kielburger

Search engines can seem like magic. You have a question; the Internet has the answer. But not all search results are equal. Everything from your location to previous searches and your social media habits builds a little content bubble. A personalised corner of the World Wide Web has been curated just for you.
We hope the next frontier for virtual reality is the classroom, where it promises to immerse students--our future leaders--in worlds beyond textbooks and can teach lessons for the real world. If a single image can transcend borders, imagine what virtual reality can do for global compassion.
Our organisation comprises a non-profit, social enterprise and event day that specialises in getting people to embrace the concept of "WE"--thinking beyond themselves and helping others. We achieve this mission with a mostly millennial staff. (Craig is one of them.)
When she's not mastering writing and maths, 11-year-old Somran Bakhshi is creating an app to help disabled citizens in Ilford navigate public transport to visit free museums and galleries in London. Somran is a student and budding activist at Gearies Primary School where pupils are part of the WE Schools programme that encourages them to solve social problems and build a bridge to the wider community.
Remember that gung-ho teen who stopped you at the shopping centre for your signature on a petition or donation to a local cause? You might have just met tomorrow's millionaire entrepreneur.
From homelessness and knife crime, to unemployment and climate change, today's young people are affected by the social challenges they see around them. These issues are impacted in turn by political decisions made in Westminster - so it is important to discuss whether young people under 18 should have democratic input into the political future of their country.