4. Take (And Make) More Interesting Pictures You're (probably) not going to become a professional photographer from scratch
Of all the most coveted gadgets of 2015, the tablet that turns magically into a laptop is near the top of most people’s must
6. My First Novel You don't want to know about the novel I wrote this year. What's important is the tech I used to do it
As a relative newcomer to the scene, digital art is still jostling to find its place in the art world – and the debate around
The world of amateur photography is changing rapidly. Every year sees photographic tech get more portable, flexible and user
Dark and intense, colourful and fun, the games of 2014 have been slicker and sharper than ever before. For a new game to
Polaroid's new 'Instagram' camera is causing a bit of a stir. It's called the Socialmatic and it's a large app-shaped instant
Timothy LaBranche isn't your average employee. Unlike almost everyone else in their work, LeBranche decided to spend his
People were horrible in 2014. They were mean and selfish and did terrible things. But it's fine, because they also did some
Art is no longer only the domain of the professional artist. With the likes of Photoshop and Freshpaint allowing anyone the