creative business

So please ask yourself when you start a business... do I want to go bargain basement and struggle to ever rise myself out OR start a proper business and be paid for my gifts as I should be?
Of course four years necessarily defies imagination when you set out and we have all got braver over time. I suspect it will take us a few months yet to reflect, understand and celebrate what has been achieved.
The latest figures reveal that office space is being converted to residential in Central London at a terrifying and unsustainable rate. Of particular concern to the creative community of London's Soho, is that a quarter of that lose is on our doorstep.
While creativity is thriving in the UK, many businesses struggle to make the step from executing successful projects to becoming fully-fledged, sustainable creative businesses. Investing and lending to many creative businesses is still a minority activity, but that may change as a result of some of the measures George Osborne introduced.