Obviously the best work doesn't always co-depend on technology. A great tagline is still a very effective advertising technique. Having said that one can argue that it is in fact completely co-dependent as the alphabet is one of the best technology the human race has ever created.
It is widely and quite bluntly presumed that you are either creative, or you are not. To one person a lamppost can be the inspiration behind a thriller crime-scene novel set on that particular street-lit corner; and to some one else, it might just be a lamppost.
The winter months are now very much upon us, the halls are being decked and mince pies are an acceptable breakfast substitute
The idea for Digital Sizzle was born one Saturday afternoon on the rooftop of The Queen of Hoxton pub in Shoreditch. A start-up project manager with experience in both the Cambridge and London tech scenes, a web designer and a digital PR guy that sat down and wondered if there was a way to make a real contribution to this community? How could we create a space to share stories, work, lessons and laughs? We decided on something as simple as the common BBQ.
The Dark Mountain Project is a creative project, a writers' movement that has become something far more important. If you
My friends and I often comment on the plague of Fear of Missing Out or "FOMO." I was introduced to this term by my friend
D.I.Y. weddings are becoming one of the most stylish ways to enjoy your day, especially for brides on a budget.
Congrats, you've got the pad but it's a style disaster a little bit more crash than flash. Before panicking consider accessorising as it's these finishing touches that can turn effortlessly bland and boring rooms into snazzy and super cool. Its cheap, its easy and its highly addictive!