credit crisis

"The amount UK consumers owe on loans and credit cards grew by £1.9bn in March 2016, the highest figure in 11 years, driven
In a world where we're told to be more tolerant, accepting and understanding, there are instances where intolerance is still a good thing. My thoughts today might be controversial, but I believe it's important to point out opportunities where we can improve our lives, and the lives of those around us by being intolerant of the right things.
If we're going to blame others for the recession then lets not forget the various governments that sold us false dreams, the unscrupulous mortgage lenders, the irresponsible borrowers, the undiscerning ratings agencies, the impotent FSA and even Sarah Beeney.
Mobile is the channel of the future. Online is very relevant and still growing, but now it's about getting in front of customers via the one device that they rarely put down - the mobile device.
With the markets in turmoil, I thought I would do some crystal balling for you. I am very hopeful of the future at the other end, but we will have a depression to get there.
Exactly the same underlying conflicts of interest that damned the CDO market are present in their ratings of sovereign debt. The truth is, the global financial system hinges on the accuracy of the credit rating agencies.