Credit Rating

Thinking of applying for a credit card or mortgage soon? Read this first.
How do you check your credit rating? And what's a soft credit check? We asked experts the questions so you don't have to.
Conventional wisdom dictates that crime prevalence is inextricably linked to socio-economic factors, in particular, unemployment.
Photo: Whilst thankfully many of us have had harmonious and relaxing Christmas breaks, sadly the same can't
Why credit ratings matter and why they can’t be ignored
A lot has been said about the importance of getting young people to vote for the sake of the country, but here's another
The New York Times has written a damming report on the practice of auto loans in the US, highlighting the increasing trend
One and a half million students feel financially unprepared for university, with a third of students overspending every few
One of the chancellor's closest allies has said that George Osborne "should stick to the strategy" of deficit reduction, despite
One of the chancellor's closest allies has said that George Osborne "should stick to the strategy" of deficit reduction, despite
From the working families who have to wait until 2015 for help with the costs of childcare, to a 2.4% drop in real wages over the lifetime of this parliament, life is getting more expensive and more difficult for most Britons.
Moody's downgrade of the UK economy last week was not a surprise for anyone who takes even a passing interest in the world of finance. Some had predicted that the loss of Britain's prized AAA rating would spark a run on the pound and UK debt, however the markets have not even broken into a brisk walk.
Britain's loss of its prized AAA credit rating intensified the pressure on sterling today despite another rally for London's
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George Osborne insisted Britain would not "run away" from its problems and vowed to continue with his tough austerity programme
Britain's coveted AAA rating came under further pressure today after official figures showed another leap in public sector
The crisis of the last few years showed that although credit rating agencies can be useful, they are far from infallible.
Britain's gold-plated triple AAA status came under pressure on Thursday after an influential credit ratings agency put it
On Wednesday, it emerged that Britain's top-tier AAA credit rating could be under threat. As the UK economy falls further
Lost beneath George Osborne's Autumn Statement on Wednesday was the news that Britain's AAA credit rating could be in jeopardy