cricket world cup

That catch. That Super Over. That innings at Headingley.
The Prime Minister welcomed the players to Downing Street the day after their epic win over New Zealand.
Cricket fans across the UK rejoiced England's triumphant win in the Cricket World Cup for the first time ever. The heart-stopping finale saw England beat New Zealand in a super over, as the stadium roared cheering and celebrating. Fans said it was an incredible game that would live on forever in their memory.
England heroes beat New Zealand at Lord’s in a game for the ages.
Sky Sports has announced the Lord's showpiece will be on Channel 4.
The 2018 football World Cup reminded me I was English and British. This cricket World Cup reminded me I was English and British and Bangladeshi.
Ten years ago we took a close look at the media coverage of men's and women's international football and it is safe to say, we have come a long way. When we compared a Women's World Cup match in 2007 to the men's Euro Qualifiers shown around the same time, the difference was stark.
The collapse of England's form has been spectacular. Only two years ago England won the Ashes 3-2 - a third consecutive Ashes win - but that feels like a long, long way away now. Let's make this clear - Monday's loss to Bangladesh is one of the most humiliating days ever for English cricket.
This is a man that plays more international cricket than any other. Leader of his nation in all three formats of the game, he also keeps wicket. That, in addition to the demands of an assertive board in the BCCI, public expectation and the obligation of marshalling a host of cricketers almost of demi-God status within India is an almighty task.
Begun in 1975, the quadrennial Cricket World Cup's time-of-the-essence pace has ensured some unforgettably pulsating moments