What goes around comes around. Back in 1884, when the English took on the aussies on what was to become the home of cricket, little would have the suited gentleman sitting on the Pavilion end balcony imagined that the same hallowed turf will host test no. 2000 almost 127 years later.
Minute-by-minute commentary from Lord's as England bid to become the world's top side against India.
We are just one day away from the start of the Test series in England. The speed with which a new series arrives at us can leave even the diehard Cricket fans fatigued. Too much happening, too much to catch up, and too much to remember all the time.
After 168 years in the business, the terminal edition of the News of the World is weighed down by more than the gravity of the present situation. It is steeped in history, humour, hurt, hubris and boundless self-congratulation.
England have set Sri Lanka 269 to win in the final one-day international at Old Trafford. The series is currently tied 2
I always knew that there was something odd about Ed Miliband - it wasn't his voice, his clothes, or even his opinions. It was something indefinable. And now I know what it is, he turned down an invitation to appear on Test Match Special. It is the pinnacle of any English politician's life. And to my inner schoolboy's joy I was lucky enough to get an invitation a few weeks ago. The week before was the normal run of a politicians' life: meetings, more meetings, the odd TV and radio slot, and a few interviews for the local papers. However, as the big day approached, this was eclipsed by my fixation on the long range weather forecast. And it wasn't looking good. Hampshire, it told me, would be wet. I twittered my sarcastic frustration over our flaming June.