Crime figures

The sworn duties of a constable under the Crown, require them to be responsible for the protection of life and property, maintenance of order, prevention and detection of crime and prosecution of offenders against the peace. We need therefore to make clear that when the Tories suggest that crime is diminishing and police are less needed, it is untrue.
Hundreds of angry police officers together with former now retired colleagues, PCSOs and police staff have signed an open letter bitterly condemning both the damaging cutbacks to policing and the fact that these cutbacks have failed to become a major election issue.
The revelation by the Police Federation that the morale of rank and file officers was at its lowest ever level will as no surprise to those struggling to maintain an effective police service in urban and rural areas throughout the UK.
Crime against households and adults in England and Wales fell 10% in the year to September, official figures have revealed
Rape and sexual offences reported to the police have rised sharply this year, attributed in part to the high-profile Jimmy
Plenty of things have changed over the last 50 years but there are always constants, things that will survive for good or
Crimes against the person, including muggings and robberies, increased by 8% in the last year, despite overall recorded crime
This week's release of the crime statistics for England and Wales paint a bleak picture. They brought to bear some of our concerns and vindicated many of our warnings. I by no means welcome this. The police recorded crime statistics show a 4% overall decline.
PRESS ASSOCIATION Significant rises in burglaries and opportunistic thefts are creating a risk to the public, police chiefs