A new and incredibly niche foodie venture is coming to the capital - and it involves a certain potato snack. ‘Hipchips’ will
There's nothing worse than eating half a bag of crisps and realising that you haven't got a clip on hand so you can save
Firefighters tackled a blaze at a farm shed where 13 tonnes of crisps went up in smoke. Crews were called to the premises
When is a Tayto not a Tayto? According to the English and Wales trade mark registers, it’s when it comes from Ireland. Tayto
You’ve all heard the slogan ‘Once you pop, you just can’t stop’ – and probably agree that it’s absolutely correct. However
Hot on the heels of our list of the world’s weirdest ice cream flavours (charcoal or crab, anyone?) here’s a selection of
In amongst all this exciting, depressing and uninteresting stuff the UK has still been under the thrall of the possible destruction of our national health service. Yes, I'm going to go on about it again.
Thanks to their "Crash The Super Bowl" competition, Doritos have been asking the general public to make adverts for them
Two men armed with a hammer and and an axe raided a Manchester shop on Sunday, but only managed to steal a packet of crisps
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Retailers and food manufacturers will finance new research in an effort to find ways to reduce levels