Cristina Kirchner

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the President of Argentina, is to undergo brain surgery. The 60-year-old has bleeding on
Cristina Kirchner has renewed her country’s claim for sovereignty over the Falkland Islands at a Security Council meeting
Argentina has brushed off its snub over Margaret Thatcher's funeral, branding it "just another provocation". Foreign Minister
The President of Uruguay may have accidentally sparked a diplomatic row after being overheard describing Argentine leader
Argentina's president Cristina Kirchner, has once again been rattling her sabre, this time by equating Falkland Islanders
Britain will "always be there" to defend the Falkland Islands, David Cameron has said, after 99.7% of the 1,513 residents
The people of the Falkland Islands have voted overwhelmingly to remain a British overseas territory, with 99.8% declaring
Confused about the upcoming referendum on the Falklands? Here are the whos, whats, whys and whens of this week's vote: When
As Falkland Islanders prepare to vote in a referendum on the future sovereignty of the South Atlantic archipelago, a ComRes
As the eldest child of someone born an Argentinian, but who has themselves neither clapped eyes on the place nor made any but the most cursory efforts to learn Spanish, I feel that it's my duty to wade into the fray on the English-speaking side of this debate.