To help understand what we've newly learnt Dr Oppenheimer uses an analogy, one that involves balloons. "Smaller eruptions
Plant Village is a unique social media site, enabling agriculturalists to easily and freely share information on crop disease in real time. With monthly page views of almost 170,000 unique visitors from 190 countries, Plant Village might just revolutionise the way we produce crops and the way we think about our food.
Someone nowhere probably didn't say this, although everyone thinks it was Einstein: "If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live". A rogue, probably inaccurate quote. So why bother using it? Because it's likely to be a bit accurate too. In short: bees are dying. And we should be worried.
I look forward to the UK using its presidency of the G8 to championing the role of smallholder farmers globally and ensuring that their voice is heard and their contribution recognised.
A bumblebee which vanished from the English countryside almost a quarter of a century ago has been reintroduced. Around 100
Miley Cyrus hit the red carpet in Arizona last night, for Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night.
When we first saw Cameron Diaz's new cropped hairstyle earlier this month, we thought it was a keeper. Now, we're not so
Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams showed off two different versions of cropped hair last night, and while they have both
Cheryl Cole is having something of a hair-based breakdown. After she debuted a towering beehive at a fashion week party, we