There are hundreds of fashion projects on both of the major crowdfund platforms that are leveraging online financial support from friends, family and total strangers. Included in the mix are a small but significant number of social entrepreneurs who are using crowdfunding as a way to marry up fashion creativity with sustainable and ethical projects.
We have to raise £9,000 by the 12 December - and if we don't reach our goal, we won't get a penny. So if anyone out there has any money they want to launder, we're not fussy where it comes from.
The fearless and somewhat pioneering sprit that got me in to stand-up comedy all those years ago is now nudging me into the bosom of crowdfunding. Like most fiscal virgins I'm blushing in anticipation.
The Boomers don't always seem to understand that over the last few years there's been a significant shift away from the belief that the State will be with us all from cradle-to-grave and that now there's a visceral, unspoken understanding among a proportion of their children, that things won't be so easy for them.
Businesspeople keen to travel the roads in luxury could rent their own private Mercedes as a "mobile office", thanks to a
Respect MP, George Galloway, has succeeded in raising over £160,000 via crowdfunding to finance a documentary on Tony Blair
Welcome to our digital future - everything binary and ethereal. Our lives in the cloud. Relationships conducted via avatar, conversations via Facebook and debates via Twitter. No need for the physical, the digital is the real world now. Or so some would have us believe.
How mean are the rich in Britain? Why should we bothered about what they do with their money, whether or not they pay tax or are philanthropic? Who cares? The answer is surprising for some of the richest people in Britain are furious with their peers who do not give and pay tax.
A homeless man from Boston has been feted for a selfless act of honesty when he returned thousands of dollars to their rightful
Crowd Funding is making the most of the same opportunity. Big investors are, on the whole, jaded; having had a torrid few years with tech investments. The guys at the bottom however are in many ways if not more optimistic at least more bullish.