There is an obsession at the moment, in the pre-millennial generations, to term today's under 30's as 'snowflakes'. A thinly veiled insult that's supposed to show up the overly delicate and sensitive nature of our post-modern society.
I don't know the truth about Judas and no one ever will. But I believe it's our task to look at him with Jesus' eyes -- and before any Christian ever again says a word against Judaism, it would be wise to remember that we follow a guy who also was a Jew.
Religious Filipinos have re-enacted the crucifixion of Jesus as part of festivities to mark Good Friday. Catholics in San
Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has carried a cross through the centre of Dover, in Kent, as part of a Good Friday
Devout Shia Muslims across the world have mourned the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson with rituals including
Christians around the world have held dawns ceremonies and church services to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In
Personal reaction and explanation of the ability of Jesus to survive crucifixion has profound implications for spiritual beliefs. Harrowing accounts will be powerfully repeated in churches all over the world each Easter.
Devout Muslims in India have mourned the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson with a solemn mass flagellation ceremony
Biblical scenes unfolded in Trafalgar Square today as thousands of people gathered to watch a recreation of Jesus Christ's
Christians are by no means strangers to reenactments of Bible scenes – everyone's been in or seen a nativity play. But a