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The UK is looking to be a world leader in the development of non-animal based technologies to replace the use of animals in science and training. A review of the life sciences strategy is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to this objective, make a real change to the lives of millions of animals and improve the human-relevance of the country's science.
'More than 500,000 animals are used in cosmetics testing each year.'
The Body Shop is appealing for support to bring about a global ban on animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients
A “horrendous catalogue of staff neglect” in British laboratories has been revealed in a government report detailing cases
The increase in experiments has made a 'mockery' of the government, campaigners say.
A 7% rise in animal experiments makes a “mockery” of the government’s pledge to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals
Cruelty Free International has recently published a second response to their letter, in which we highlight the evidence that - in contrast to this claim - human clinical research is the foundation to deep brain stimulation, and not experiments on monkeys.
Anti-vivisectionists have lambasted the "cruel" and "flawed" creation of the world's first ever autistic monkeys. Scientists
Animals used in UK laboratories who are due to be "rehomed" could instead be sent to a slaughterhouse or be used in further