Culture media and sport select committee

The battle to lead Parliament's powerful select committees just got serious after a Conservative MP released a promotional
Protections in the Royal Charter on press regulation designed to stop future political interference in the media could be
Twenty seconds. That's all it takes to spin a digital roulette wheel. Twenty seconds and you're on the road to financial ruin, relationship breakdown and despair. These pernicious machines are destroying the lives of the poorest in society. Gamblers can bet £100 per stake on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) whereas fruit machines have a limit of only £2. When you're on the minimum wage, £100 is a lot to lose. These high stakes make FOBTs a major source of profit for the industry and it's why I want their use curbed. Many addiction charities and MPs agree... Imagine my disbelief then to discover the Government won't act.
It is sometimes bewildering to contemplate the technological advances made in just the last couple of decades and the impact which they have had on our work and our sense of well-being. Established businesses have been transformed for the better (and worse) and entirely new industries created by automation and software.
Rupert Murdoch is likely to escape a recall to to the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee in spite of recent
A free press is vital to a free society and a properly functioning democracy. Once statutory regulation of the press comes in, no matter how far removed from politicians, it will call into question the integrity of the system, and lead to pressure for greater intervention in the future.
The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee decided to play the man rather than the ball, and as a result missed the open goal.
As world football looks to clean up its act, we may soon find out whether Sepp Blatter is Eliot Ness or Al Capone. Is he serious about sorting the mess out, or is he only interested in protecting his own?
James Murdoch, once a man presumed by all to takeover one of the most powerful media empires on the planet, has been brought to the brink. At 11am on Thursday, he has a chance to turn his luck around. The odds in his favour may be tiny, but his potential gains are colossal.
A slew of new evidence in the ongoing phone hacking investigation has been released which suggests key figures at News Of
Rupert Murdoch and his son James have been quizzed by MPs at a hearing about the phone hacking crisis, in an appearance that
MPs will today decide whether to use parliamentary powers to force beleaguered News International chief executive Rebekah