These cupcakes are something I made for the school fayre. They sold out pretty fast, I'm sure due to their white chocolate dribbleness. The other cakes I made did not sell out fast. It was very stressful watching them sit, lonely and ignored. I won't be making anything other than these for the school fayre, ever again.
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I often listen to Radio 4 at my desk, with a hot cup of tea. Is it wrong to be mourning these daily treats already? I'm not naive. I know it'll be mighty busy but do you think there might be time for half an hour a day? Perhaps with one of these muffins? Who am I trying to kid...
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Dust off your party clothes, crack open the bubbly and fire up the party poppers because we are celebrating at Food Tube HQ this week. That's right, we've got 500 thousand subscribers. This is very exciting. So exciting that we made a video about it.
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The other week I popped into Gail's on London's Exmouth Market and spotted these Easter Bunny cupcakes and fell in a big sugary puddle of love. So enamoured was I, that I thought I'd give them a go myself.