Whatever happened to Jack Bauer, eh? (To be honest, we gave up on 24 halfway through series three. It was giving us a migraine
So, for the serious ones on the wagon, pregnant women, and people like me who shouldn't drink on medication, here are my top three non boozy alternatives to a good night out. Girly as these suggestions are, I have tried them to success out on men.
Many people sneer at the idea that addiction is a disease. "Surely so-and-so can just stop drinking" they say about alcoholics, unaware that an alcoholic can't control his craving for more drink -- just as a cancer or diabetes patient can't control the progression of his disease. Anyone who knows an alcoholic, or a hard core drug addict, will know that many of them desperately want to give up but are unable to.
Cupcakes are not simply this year's black - or pink or orange day-glo - but they are a party, to a tree, to a child, to a rendezvous... near you. Recession has sent the kitchens of the nation into a baking frenzy. Or maybe that should really be icing. Frost is friendship. Calories are good. Sweeten our world.
Manuela cooks, photographs, styles (she is very good stylist) and posts an article for baking every day, no mean feat by itself, often in her favourite colour, pink. She also has five children. She is keen to point out that it is not just about cupcakes.
For the last month or so, life has been pretty frenetic; work has been cranking up again as the world and his wife comes