Hand in hand St Valentine and Cupid (great image) contribute to this multi-million pound industry without even signing off on it. The names of a Saint and a God used to line the pockets of the fat cats, would they approve do you think?
More than 70% of managers surveyed said they had no problem with workplace romance as long as those involved acted professionally.
A day celebrating orgasm seems wonderfully un-British. But I've long felt that the stereotype of unsexy Britain is inaccurate. Perhaps we're just less obvious about the sizzle. This got me thinking about un-obvious questions regarding sex. For example, 'Why do we have sex?'
We've had milking, planking, owling and photoboobing. Now the latest idiotic internet craze is to pretend you're being attacked
A major study into the effect of cannabis consumption on multiple sclerosis (MS) patients has concluded the drug makes no
You may think that a dog might just bring playtime, healthy exercise, hairy sofas and a lot of poo bags into your life. But actually, we've only just got started. According to the Dogs Trust in a recent survey, 85% of dog owners are more approachable with a hound at your heel and 60% find dog owners more attractive.
It's that rosy time of the year again. Shops are flooded with cutesie cards and fluffy bears. Teens are hysterically plotting who will get a card from whom (or not from whom in my case). Us adults let out a groan - either we feel obliged to do the token something or we boycott as a marketing ploy devised by Hallmark.