currency union

Unless you've been living inside a black hole since the early 1990s, the allusions to the current referendum must be apparent. For as a child of Britain, unable to affect the potential break up of the United Kingdom on Thursday, the naïve response is to feel this is unfair...
Alex Salmond has been accused of massively overestimating the size of the North Sea oil reserves by a major oil tycoon, in
Just received the Scottish Parliament's (I'll be damned if I'll call it the Scottish Government) call to arms re the referendum
Currency has continued to dominate the independence debate, with politicians and economists clashing on the subject. Unionist
A leading adviser to the Scottish Government has insisted that there will be "no incentive" for the UK Government not to
Alex Salmond's hopes of keeping the pound in the event of Scotland gaining independence are no more than a "dead parrot", MPs
Ed Balls has indicated that he could resign as chancellor if a future Labour government proposed joining a currency union
George Osborne has been accused of a "a subterfuge to frighten Scottish citizens" by ruling out a currency union between
The campaign against independence has suffered a "demolition" blow following a UK minister's suggestion the pound would be
George Osborne has dismissed the idea of a currency union with an independent Scotland as the UK Government moved to distance