It is up to us to couple the expert opinion with our own accumulation of information in order to reach our own individual ideas, achieve our own success and attain fulfilment in any area that we choose to turn our minds to.
Now, I wish to take a step back for a moment. You may be thinking it is strange for me to say 'mothers from day one', but it is true. If you look at the toys advertised for girls even today - what do we have? Garish amounts of playthings that are designed to ingrain a want in young girls to be perfect little wives and moulded into aspiring little mummies when they grow up.
My issue is not with the tax on sugary drinks. This is a good idea and all the accumulated evidence suggests it will help reduce general consumption. My issue is with the proposed purpose of the revenues raised. Osborne says this money is going to be used to fund sports facilities in schools and invest in a future generation but who stands to win this particular match?
Yesterday, 15 people were killed by terrorists whilst travelling on a bus in Peshawar, Pakistan - but you'd be forgiven for
The international response to what took place and what continues to take place is both a travesty and injustice. Hundreds of thousands of Innocent men, women and children fled to neighbouring countries such as Chad and Cameroon but more than 600,000 people remain displaced inside the country with many trapped inside enclaves they cannot escape.
WARNING: this story contains graphic images Dodgy batches of cocaine containing a medicine that causes people's skin to rot