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Behold the big fluffy dog that belongs to Mrs Long in Jinan, in the Shandong province of China. Mrs Long adopted two newborn
Source: Caters This is the moment a sloth gatecrashed a holiday snap in the jungle. A group of youngsters on an International
Meet Speedy – the pure white cat with one blue eye and one gold. With her mismatched gaze, Speedy bears more than a passing
This regally named Siamese pedigree fit right in at an exhibition of “noble” cats, held in the Czech Republic last week. Queen
An image of a greedy possum slumped in a box of pastries after breaking into a bakery has gone viral. The snap, apparently
Source: Barcroft Media Playfully clambering over their doting mother these polar bear cubs spring into action for the most
When it comes to amusing animal pictures on the internet, you may think that lolcats have got it all sewn up. But, oh no
A group of koalas enjoyed a sit-down meal at the table this morning on Wildlife Sydney’s rooftop deck. With their eucalyptus
We've been waiting for an excuse to feature Uggie - the adorable Jack Russell terrier who stars in critically acclaimed silent
These four-month-old kittens have been causing a stir at a cats protection charity – after it emerged they have an extra
These playful animals are showing humans what they really think in the best way they know how - by getting their tongues
Miranda Kerr has been hovering just below Kate Middleton in our 'people we have been obsessed by during 2011' list but, judging
Bats, black cats, and toads are the ghoulish creatures usually haunting Halloween, but it is tigers and bears playing with
Family pets are being honoured on World Animal Day, which coincides with the feast day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron