Cute Animal Videos

Cara Sue Achterberg was never planning to be a doggie foster mum to 136 dogs. But after losing her beloved dog Lucy, Cara and her husband started fostering dogs in the hope of finding “their” dog. But after realising how many dogs need help while waiting to find “forever homes”, the couple decided to keep on fostering and helping the animals, who often come to them neglected or sick.
As if a continent-wide football competition wasn't quite exciting enough, Tuesday's Copa Libertadores match at the Pueblo
You might want to get the Kleenex ready, this one is a tearjerker. Dog owner Norma Miedema shared this video of two loving
Most hamster wheels only take one furry creature, but this is what happens when two of the tiny cuties get involved. We're
Few things are certain in life, but at least we can know this: you'll never be quite as cosy as this bulldog puppy. As he
The Autumn chill is truly upon us, which only means a few things - everyone is grumpy, it's nearly Christmas, and Starbucks
This is Toby The Pug. He really, really likes broccoli. He shows off just how much he loves the vegetable in this adorable
  Do you ever wish classic sitcoms were a bit... cuter? Thanks to the fine folks at Mashable, we now know exactly what it
When Pizza Rat somehow became an internet celebrity when he was caught emulating the millennial struggle - ie carrying a