cute cat videos

Typical! You wait ages for one great cat voice video, and two come along at once. Yes, earlier we brought you Hey Cat. And
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Japanese cat that appears to be a dog trapped inside a feline body. To be fair, its owner
And her reaction when the monitor is switched off is just priceless. (And don't worry - they're not her kittens.) *squeals
And your ‘Aww’ video of the day is... this one! That's right. This isn't just adorable. It's adawwrable. (Via Daily Picks
And not just any kitten, oh no. A seven-toed one. Just in case you were wondering: cats normally have five toes on each front
This, let us assure you, is the best 'Star Wars' parody involving cats that you will see today. And possibly any other day
What are you doing to us, animal kingdom?! Only last week, we were almost in tears over little Chris P Bacon, the piglet
Altogether now: Awwwww! Yes, we may all be back at work, the weather may be cold and grey, and the Coalition may be insisting
And now it's time for a quick lesson in how to scare, confuse and annoy a bunch of cute kittens. (Because that's the kind
Look! It's a pair of cute kittens demonstrating the laws of physics by playing around with one of those swinging metal ball