cute cats

Cats don't need to be walked, washed or fussed over. They don't roll around in disgusting stuff or make a ton of noise. They're
This is Luhu. She lives in Beijing. We can't even look at her without our hearts breaking ten times. She looks set to become
Chip, the five-week-old chihuahua, and his four-week-old kitten friend Adele have a love-hate relationship. Sometimes they
Cats are like unicorns, but better. They're bloody wonderful creatures. And as if that, in itself, isn't enough to tempt
Click here to watch more viral videos! Looks like Squirt found her new favorite toy: Lady the Dalmatian's tail! Watch as
Because sometimes it only takes a few seconds for your heart to melt... ...and you'd have to be stony-hearted to not succumb
It's World Smile Day, and we can think of no finer compilation to celebrate it than this. Because, as we all know, the only
What a curious thing curiosity is. When we recently moved to our new home in rural Herefordshire we were accompanied by our cat Cokie. After three days he was nowhere to be found. We assumed, sadly, that he had set off on a futile effort to retrace his steps to his native London.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Japanese cat that appears to be a dog trapped inside a feline body. To be fair, its owner
Fast-forward to 1:00 to experience Earl the cat demonstrating THE CUTEST THING YOU WILL SEE TODAY. No, really. Of course