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Shout ahoy to the one-eyed rescue pirate kitten Sir Stuffington - who has become a viral sensation! This pirate-costumed
Forget the royal baby! What you want to see is royally cute baby kittens, right? Right! Take it away, Tiger and her brood
And not just any kitten, oh no. A seven-toed one. Just in case you were wondering: cats normally have five toes on each front
This, let us assure you, is the best 'Star Wars' parody involving cats that you will see today. And possibly any other day
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Hercules the sausage dog: Hercules belongs to writer Matt Whyman - author of 'Walking With Sausage
They're natural enemies, of course. But it's taken this video to show the true level of animosity between cats and DVD drives
What are you doing to us, animal kingdom?! Only last week, we were almost in tears over little Chris P Bacon, the piglet
Altogether now: Awwwww! Yes, we may all be back at work, the weather may be cold and grey, and the Coalition may be insisting
It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to raise a child as bilingual. And it definitely helps if everyone in the household