cute cats

Men! If the family cat can do it, why can't you? This clever kitty above demonstrates correct bathroom manners by putting
Having a good day? Just chillin' at home? Everything going smoothly for both you and your cat? Excellent! Why not demonstrate
Gazing deep into your eyes, it would appear butter wouldn’t melt in this soulful-looking hound’s mouth. Until you notice
You know what time it is, don't you? That's right! It's time for today's utterly-pointless-but-oh-so-cute-cat-based video
Thank God it's Friday. Your brain is probably already thinking about lie-ins, beer, TV and cake. Mmmm cake. If you're already
A family puss has been named National Cat of the Year, thanks for his role in enabling a little boy with an anxiety disorder
Please read the following paragraph as if spoken by the gravel-throated man who does all those dramatic voiceovers on blockbuster
Look out, folks! Those of us who've whiled away many a long hour watching cute cat videos on YouTube could soon be under
Bored with your common-or-garden piggy bank? Us, too! After all, what's the point in it being pig-shaped if the pig just
Yes, we know you've got a million things to do today and you can't waste precious time cooing over cat videos on the internet