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Think your cat will be satisfied with a bag of catnip and a toy mouse? Get with the times! US company Little Hiccup has come
We wouldn't really class a working day as an out-and-out success unless we'd managed to stumble across a cute cat video. (Yes
It's probably not a good idea to leave your pet cats to play with a paper bag, but if you are hellbent on doing so, it's
Though there's no doubt they're very good films, who could say the likes of Scarface, Oliver! and Casablanca couldn't be
Meet Speedy – the pure white cat with one blue eye and one gold. With her mismatched gaze, Speedy bears more than a passing
The feline equivalent of the Oscars launches today and organisers are on the prowl for nominations. Previously known as the
This regally named Siamese pedigree fit right in at an exhibition of “noble” cats, held in the Czech Republic last week. Queen
It probably won’t surprise you to learn cats can sleep for 16 hours a day. That’s twice as much as humans typically clock