cute puppy videos

It's a classic battle, as old as time itself. But who will win: Pudge the corgi - or the stairs? (Via Tastefully Offensive
You know what this day - no, every day - needs? A video of some adorable puppies playing a musical instrument. Adorably. So
What's the natural enemy of a puppy? Why, baths of course! And after that: hairdryers. Yes, the only thing cuter than a dog
The only thing funnier than a dog being taken for a walk by another dog? A dog being taken for a walk by a puppy. Although
How cute? How cute? Very cute, that's how cute. Yep, we're reduced to super-soppy, jibbering wrecks after witnessing this
See, little fella, what you need to do here is move your back legs closer to your food bowl - then it won't be quite a stretch
Giggling babies? Dancing kittens? A tiny monkey in a posh coat? Granted, they're all very cute. But we can absolutely guarantee
Indiana here is a pug/dachshund mix, and at the time of recording, he was just a few months old. Not old enough to work