‎If we are going to deliver this change on 8 June, we need your help.  We are asking you to talk to your friends, talk to your family, talk to the public and ask them to vote Labour. As a postal worker, serving every community in this country, you can have a unique role.  Please consider helping us to help you bring about real change in the interests of you job, our industry and the vast majority of people in the UK.
In an unprecedented move, two unions want to march to Luthuli House itself.
Despite massive media deception to try and cover up much wider failings in services to the people of this country by challenging the democratic right of trade unions to protest. We voice our concerns yet again and warn everyone that Post Office services, revenues and product offerings will suffer and continue to decline without a change of direction. The current business plan really is akin to the classic 'rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic' analogy... Whatever your political persuasions, make no mistake this most cherished of national treasures is seriously in danger of becoming a buried national treasure and that is why we are protesting.
With the vote for Brexit and the media focused on leadership contests across Westminster, this seems to be a good time to bury bad news. The Post Office today announced a further round of closures of its flagship highstreet branches as it continues with its slash and burn approach to a cherished national institution.
The Royal Mail used to be only famous for one robbery, the Great Train Robbery, now perhaps history will recall a second the great Royal Mail sell off swindle. Make no mistake this powerful engine of civilisation, this most cherished national treasure is now under attack from profiteers.
Faced with an attempt to cripple the union movement in this country our members now expect us to act on this... Whether it is with tax credits or the Trade Union Bill, the government has no claim to be the voice of working people - it is time for the union movement to show that it does.
Jeremy Corbyn recognises this and represents the best chance of us getting the Labour Party back to both its core values and the idea of being a mass movement. My message is that we must not allow the prospect of change to be strangled by a small clique with little to say beyond 'leave the politics to the professionals'.
You said goodbye to your first job long ago. You may have flipped burgers, pulled bricks around a building site, or sat behind a till trying to find the Marlboro Golds. Whatever it was you were doing, one thing is almost certain: your first job was a shit job. Chances are the job you have now is no less painful than the first.
The Royal Mail's controversial privatisation has ended up costing the taxpayers money, a Tory MP has warned, as it was undervalued
Vince Cable has been urged to resign by the Communication Workers' Union (CWU) after it emerged that the Royal Mail had been