cyber attack

The head of Ukraine's security service says that the country is reeling from a cyber attack on mobile phones. Valentyn Nalivaichenko
We all face the threat of opportunistic malware designed to steal confidential information from anyone unlucky enough to get infected. But then there are customised attacks that are tailored to infiltrate organisations and harvest highly-sensitive data belonging to the victims.
Security experts have revealed that they received suggestions of a cyber attack targeted at the opening ceremony of last
David Cameron is being warned that telecoms equipment made by Chinese firms should be independently tested by the security
There has been a lot of coverage on the recent DDoS attacks on Spamhaus. But it occurs to me that there might be many people who aren't clear on two of the key constituents of this story - that is, spam and DDoS. So it seems like a good opportunity to explain what they are and the impact they have on all of us.
Scepticism has been thrown on reports that a massive online attack caused speeds on the internet to slow around the world
Internet Slowed Around The World By Massive Cyber Attack
One of the great weaknesses of Western preparation for the strategic future of cyberspace is that we lack a coherent narrative
The BBC has been the victim of a "sophisticated cyber-attack" in an attempt to undermine its Persian Service which broadcasts