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A new accessory for cyclists claims to bring turn-by-turn navigation to bikes for the first time. The CycleNav is a little
A cyclist had a miraculous escape after being pinned under a car for half an hour. Justin Futers, whose face was pressed
Drivers have only a one in 10 chance of being sent to jail after being involved in the death of a cyclist, an Evening Standard
London's taxi drivers have ramped up the war on the capital's roads by releasing a video showing cyclists apparently jumping
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A Parliamentary safety group is urging London Mayor Boris Johnson to hold a safety summit following the spate of cyclists
Cyclists are "one wobble" from disaster on London's roads, Britain's top cop has said. Metropolitan Police commissioner Bernard
Of course cyclists should take care, but so should all road users and those in charge of the vehicles that can cause most harm should take particular care. For the Mayor to suggest otherwise is insensitive and cruel beyond belief. His failure to invite those at the wheel to look out for cyclists and pedestrians demonstrates that he just does not understand what is happening.