cyprus bailout

People with over 100,000 euros (£84,300) in Bank of Cyprus accounts could lose up to 60% of their savings in a harsh new
Banks in Cyprus have reopened, with large queues of people trying to withdraw their money. It is the first time citizens
The new patient was a famous artist and the hospital staff who knew about art were half in awe of him, half dismayed to see
European markets tumbled on Monday after the leading eurozone finance minister suggested the Cyprus deal that saw bank accounts
By threatening to sour Russian-EU relations and even propel an EU member state into the arms of Moscow, the currency union is reviving tensions between old antagonists.
A last-minute bailout deal has been agreed by EU ministers to keep Cyprus in the eurozone and save the country from bankruptcy
British savers and companies are facing a nervous wait with negotiations over a bailout deal for Cyprus on a knife-edge, with
Prime minister David Cameron discussed the financial crisis in Cyprus with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call
A banking crisis on average is connected with a 6.4% short-term increase in cardiovascular disease mortality in high income countries, and for low-income countries, the estimated effect is roughly four times as large, with a banking crisis corresponding to a 26.0% increase in mortality.
The Orthodox Church of Cyprus has said it is prepared to mortgage its property portfolio to help overcome political deadlock