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There are the comforting lies like when Sophia gets hurt we 'kiss it better'. I'm sure this one is common practice for most parents. It is still a lie as it doesn't actually change anything. The pain will still be there. Her knee will still be grazed. Another pointless lie.
Dedicating just a few minutes to structured activities each day will make life considerably easier for you when the kids return to school. All that's needed is five or ten minutes of spellings or times tables. In my experience, it helps children settle back into school at the other end of the holidays.
Remember what we were like before our baby? Fun, spontaneous, up for a drink, probably awake? Well forget all that. We are now over-tired, under-fed, vaguely with it parentals. Yet you want to come and visit us, or have insisted we come to yours, anyway. To see the baby. I get it. Regardless of who is visiting who, you need to know the following...
The one thing my Daughter loves more than anything apart from the sound of her own voice is Disney Princesses, even at three years old she has a sound understanding of all the Disney Princesses and gets lost in her story books, colouring books, and all of the Disney movies
The other day, after a long day of parenting, I set up my video camera and recorded myself as I emptied out my pockets and revealed to the world what junk was in them. I found a piece of broken tambourine, loose change and a hair band.
Fact: I am a step child. Another fact: More than once in my life I have been told not to refer to myself in this way. Why is there an aversion to using this phrase? What is the problem with acknowledging I am a step child with step relatives? It is, after all, merely a statement of fact.
Today was a momentous day for me as a dad, because Gemma popped into the office for the first time since Sonny was born - leaving us to fend for ourselves. For an entire day! Here's how it went...
After eight hours in the hospital jettisoned into the outside world, newborn in one hand, exhausted and stitched up fiancé in the other. The only other thing missing was an instruction manual.
After an unknown amount of time trying to get baby ready for bed, you wait patiently for the milk to cool down a little - this appears to take hours as baby is messing about, running you ragged.
If you are reading this from the hours of midnight and sunrise you are probably in the middle of one of the most physically demanding parts of parenthood - the night feeds. Yes, the good ol' middle of the night milk feasts. This post aims to ensure your eyes do not slam shut whilst baby takes a decade to drink a few millilitres of milk.