daft punk get lucky

I think that the Glastonbury Festival should be given City Status. I've checked and all that's needed is approval from the Queen and the "City of Glastonbury Festival" will be born. Here's my argument.
What do you get when you take famous dance sequences from film and TV - plus Michael Jackson, of course - and put them to
They're back - and depending on your view, they're cooler than ever/just as cool as they always were/slightly less cool than
Loving 'Get Lucky' but unsure of how to dance to its disco beat? Simply watch the video above - which mashes up the new Daft
Benjamin Franklin said that the only things certain in life were death and taxes. But if he lived in the internet age, he
Typical. You wait ages for one version of 'Get Lucky' and then nine come along at once. Yes, no sooner had we compiled Our
It's the 'Call Me Maybe' de nos jours. It's Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'. Yes, the catchy feelgood hit of the year (probably) is
In our aggressively digital age, vinyl is enjoying a welcome resurgence... Vinyl is, for artists and listeners alike, a stamp of quality. Anyone can generate an mp3 now- there are so many easy-to-use programmes like ProTools, Logic, Ableton (all of them significantly harder to use well admittedly) out there for would-be music-makers.
CHART TOPPERS Veteran electronic duo Daft Punk have scored their first-ever UK number one single with much-awaited funky
Everyone's raving about the new Daft Punk single 'Get Lucky' featuring Pharrell Williams. But would we all be so crazy about