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Another Friday, another week of hilarious picture captions as written by you, dear @HuffPostUKCom Twitter followers. Yes
So, that was the week that was. The week that David Cameron ate porridge in Scotland. The week that Tesco lived up to its
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture caption, on the other hand, is only worth 140 characters. At least
So, this was the week that Stuff Happened in English football, Charles Dickens turned 200 and Dom Joly was named the funniest
Once more we have been tweeting out pictures to our intrepid* followers this week - and once more, they/you** have been coming
How many Chris Huhnes does it take to change a lightbulb? None. He's not Energy Secretary anymore. Yes, folks, welcome to
Forget Britain's Got Talent. Know who's got talent? You, dear followers of @HuffPostUKCom. Because we've been tweeting out
Welcome to this week's round-up of Twitter funnies. Indeed: welcome to the Year of the Dragon! Although we confess we're
Paris Fashion Week has come to an end. And, as always, its catwalks featured beautiful outfits, beautiful models - and totally
Once again, it's time for us to round up - nay, 'wrangle' - the funniest picture captions that our dear Twitter followers