The UK government orders 10,000 ventilators from Dyson, Spain converts an ice rink into a makeshift morgue, The US Senate approves a historic economic bailout of $2 trillion dollars and in Hanoi, a shop owner has created the “coronaburger”.
The World Health Organisation has reiterated pleas for people to stay at home to help tackle the spread of coronavirus, as the number of cases has surpassed 380,000 worldwide. This comes as the UK enforces strict limits on leaving homes, South Africa goes into a 21-day lockdown, and stocks continue to fall on Wall Street.
As more countries are taking steps to lock down their borders to slow the spread of coronavirus, the UK is expected to announce stricter social distancing measures, while New Zealand has shut down for a month in an attempt to protect their population. German chancellor Angela Merkel has gone into quarantine after her personal doctor tested positive for the virus. New York has become the epicentre of the US outbreak, with 15,000 cases.
As world leaders all deliver a similar message on how to halt and slow the spreading virus, the WHO urges countries to test the population as much as possible. A potential vaccine is being tested in the US, yet the UK has been criticised for taking a different approach to other places that have enforced full lockdowns.
It's simple: "The only way of living in a free society is to feel that you have the right to say and do stuff." Said Salman Rushdie. Go figure. Let truth and falsehood grapple. How do we know what is right if we don't know wrong and the case that is made for wrong. Ideas may be distasteful and deeply disagreeable, but we cannot airbrush and disappear that and those people that we disagree with.