Dale Farm

Police have warned more than 1,900 people that their lives were under threat in the last four years, new figures have shown
UPDATE: The Department for Communities and Local Government has said the wording of the press release was amended for technical
Councils are to be given stronger powers to stop the setting up of illegal travellers' sites, in a bid to stop another case
Two-by-two, lines of caravans fill Oak Lane, housing up to 20 families. They are travellers, forced out of Dale Farm a year
"Appleby Fair should make my people happy, and the settled people happy, that's the balance I try and strike", Billy Welch, an English Romany declares, sitting in his caravan up on Fair Hill, from where he organises much of the activity at the iconic gypsy gathering.
Media organisations have won a High Court battle against orders forcing them to hand over to the police film footage of the
A council today served planning contravention notices on occupiers of caravans stationed in breach of planning regulations
Europe's human rights watchdog has accused Britain of undermining the rights of gypsies and travellers to adequate housing
The police operation to clear the UK's largest illegal travellers' site cost almost £2.4m. Essex Police confirmed the figure
More than 750 new and improved authorised pitches for traveller families were given the green light by the Government today