Dali Mpofu

As the Sars commission of inquiry continues, Tom Moyane's lawyer is threatening to sue an academic who wrote a blog post criticising his strategy.
Moyane's lawyer, Dali Mpofu, claimed in a submission to the panel that there are numerous biases in the processes.
Patricia de Lille's removal from the DA for comments made on radio was a "total overreaction" akin to "killing a fly with a hammer", the Western Cape High Court has heard.
Kagiso Rabada is appealing a two-match ban after he allegedly rubbed shoulders with Australian cricketer Steve Smith.
Disgruntled ANC delegates want a recount of the votes, and if necessary, a revote.
Now's the time to make the right decisions.
"His politics and merit mark him out as one of the brilliant minds needed in the Commission."
At least 72 police officers were involved in the killing of miners in 2012.
Seriously, we wanted to dance to Xigaza music with the EFF too. Where was our invitation?