Damilola Taylor

As ‘Damilola: Our Loved Boy’ airs tonight and relives the horror for the Taylor family when they lost their youngest child
Sixteen years ago innocent schoolboy Damilola Taylor lost his life on the streets of London. In front of the world’s media
The film explores the impact of his murder on Damilola's family.
The BBC have revealed who will be starring in their feature-length drama ‘Our Loved Boy’, telling the story of Damilola Taylor
Government computers edited Wikipedia articles about the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, Stop the War coalition, and
The father of murdered schoolboy Damilola Taylor has revealed that he had acted as a mentor to Michael Adebowale, who was
One of the killers of schoolboy Damilola Taylor has been recalled to jail for a second time just 16 days after being released
Ricky Preddie, one of the two brothers convicted over the killing of schoolboy Damilola Taylor, has been released from jail
A former drug-dealing gang member and cousin of schoolboy Damilola Taylor's killers is being honoured with an OBE after turning
To write a book based on a real person is to walk a tightrope between your own creative vision and the demands of being truthful and respectful to your subject; I couldn't anticipate just how delicate a walk this would be, or how rewarding.