To perceive the sex industry as a resource for those who desires can be judged as abnormal is to miss its role as a facility for those who are sometimes seen as being abnormal themselves, and so find themselves coming to us for a form of social sanctuary.
If Jeremy Hunt finds himself out of a job by the end of the week, it appears he does have one surprising skill he can fall
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Team MyDaily were working tirelessly well into the night (*cough*attending the Universal Brit Awards afterparty*cough*) to
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It is mid-January 2012 and many of us have made the obvious realisation that our New Year's resolution to 'get fit and lose those Christmas puddings is just plain not going to happen. Well, not without that ludicrously expensive gym membership you convinced yourself you should invest in on the first day back from holiday and most likely will stop using in the next few weeks.
Mother of two, Karren Knight, lost six stone following a £3,500 gastric band operation, only to discover the band had
We want to believe the wonderful lady dancing in the video above is 94, we really do. But her willingness to whip out the
Russia has announced its presidential election will be held on 4 March, and former president Vladimir Putin's chances of