Daniel Day-Lewis

An inspirational cancer sufferer, a controversial scientist, Winston Churchill's grandson and a clutch of Hollywood stars
'The war had to go,' explains Spielberg of telling the story of Lincoln What did you take from the experience of making the
Daniel Day-Lewis can celebrate his 56th birthday today, safe in the knowledge that he holds a singular status in acting history
In what at first appears to be the greatest make up job ever, Daniel Day Lewis describes the difficulties of playing President
If I can offer my one piece of leadership advice, it's this. Throw away the leadership books. Do you think Steve Jobs ever read one? Would Abraham Lincoln have bothered, if such a thing had existed? Don't be a Jobs. Don't be a Lincoln.
This week in pictures has seen an Oscar winner trip over accepting her statue, Prince Harry don an apron on a trip to South
Winning an Oscar is the pivotal moment in the career of an entertainer. That innocuous-looking statuette signals the start
Great acting by women has little bearing on the overall assessment of a film, while great acting by men is much more closely linked to appreciation of a great movie.
The actor, famous for his beyond Method approach and who has now made history by winning three Best Leading Actor Oscars
Daniel Day-Lewis, Anne Hathaway, Steven Spielberg and 'Argo' are the bookies' favourites to take home Oscars this year but