Daniel Levy

Pochettino has said that introducing new tactics, training methods and the like doesn't take long but that changing mentality is a much lengthier process. The measure of a good manager is whether he can make his a team add up to more than the sum of its parts.
It's hard to pick a player out to cheer for this season, partly because nobody has done anything spectacular, partly because the system played doesn't elicit excitement but mostly because all of the players, and even the manager just come across as quite dull.
Young Harry Kane always scores. That's what you found yourself thinking when he came off the bench with Spurs cruising at 2-1 against Sunderland on Saturday. Then he did, in the wrong net, to present Sunderland with one of the most undeserved points in their long history.
Tottenham supporters would favour a short-term move to Wembley after it was announced a temporary home would be required
Transfer windows are enormously entertaining... they sometimes seem much more exciting than the game itself. The best thing is always the apoplectic fury expressed by the fans that think their clubs have failed to spend enough money. And as the whole of football knows, there are no fans more convinced that their club is punching below its weight than Spurs fans.
Every football fan knows that the best route to a derby victory is the one that inflicts the most dismay and humiliation on the opposition... only thing that we can be reasonably certain of right now is that Pochettino's preferred eleven, when it settles down in the autumn, will bear little resemblance to Saturday's line up.
Pochettino favours the high tempo, pressing game and that's something we haven't seen at The Lane for a long time. If he could put out a team week in week out that looks like it's hungry for the ball then I'll be happy.
Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino is in advanced talks with Tottenham to become their next manager. Pochettino was
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Tim Sherwood has left Tottenham Hotspur after five months in charge as manager. The former Spurs skipper was appointed head