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Comedian Dapper Laughs is reportedly expecting a baby with his long-term girlfriend Shelley Rae. The controversial celebrity
Someone who is extremely familiar with the consumption of humble pie is David Cameron. In September the Prime Minister was
O’Reilly shuffles off muttering: “Well you’re going to ruffle some feathers – so why don’t you tone it down a bit. There’s
Once I'd made my friend cry for his racist pie-crust chimney joke, I can't say I felt particularly great about myself. I felt like I'd crushed what was, however misguided, a perfectly commendable intention - to cheer somebody's day up a bit. Daniel O'Reilly had the same intention. He just failed on a spectacular scale. And if he's truly contrite, then maybe we could lay down the righteousness for a bit and show him some compassion.
This power is now in our hands, or more precisely, at our fingertips. In sharing and commenting on these articles and petitions, we have begun to do away with the idea that we are unable to help or to change things.
Daniel O’Reilly, the comedian behind Dapper Laughs, has announced that he has killed off the character after the explosive
She knows. Proper moist. Sadly, these 'catchphrases' have now been consigned to the dustbin of 'comedy', as Daniel O'Reilly