Danny Alexander

By continuing in the valiant defense of the EU, by espousing the ideals of millions of voters who desperately seek a political force prepared to fight for what they believe in, the Lib Dems have the opportunity to demonstrate the broader value of their brand of social democracy. Get it right, and the much-vaunted "Lib Dem fightback" could be here to stay.
If you have any lingering doubts about the difference the Liberal Democrats made in government over the last five years, the Budget policies announced by George Osborne this afternoon should dispel them. Just look at the choices Osborne makes without Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander to push him in another direction. At a time when 6.6million people in working families live in poverty, he's hitting some of the poorest and most vulnerable - and, incidentally, hardest-working - families by freezing working-age benefits, which amounts to a real terms cut of 11% over four years.
Four years ago it was handshakes, smiles and a new partnership but it now seems like the friendship is well and truly over
Chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander spoke to the House of Commons on Thursday to outline what he would do differently
The statement did not get off to a good start. Before Alexander stood up, John Bercow intervened to warn the Chief secretary
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Organisations which fail to prevent tax evasion would be subject to stiff fines under a new proposed crackdown, the Chief
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Labour's Douglas Alexander and the Liberal Democrats' Danny Alexander could lose their seats in Scotland at the general election