Dapper Laughs TV show

Just when you thought we were rid of him for good, Dapper Laughs is back - and this time he’s armed with a sitcom. SEE MORE
Platform is valuable commodity and the supply of privileged platforms far outstrips demand. This is precisely because very few people have the former while almost everyone has, at some point, availed themselves of one of the latter.
Once I'd made my friend cry for his racist pie-crust chimney joke, I can't say I felt particularly great about myself. I felt like I'd crushed what was, however misguided, a perfectly commendable intention - to cheer somebody's day up a bit. Daniel O'Reilly had the same intention. He just failed on a spectacular scale. And if he's truly contrite, then maybe we could lay down the righteousness for a bit and show him some compassion.
I think he was totally aware of his actions and genuinely found them amusing but I think the motive behind all of this was far darker - a hunger for fame. Producing these pithy posts gained him followers - it's a short cut route to notoriety that the likes of the aforementioned Katie Hopkins know how to navigate.
Dapper said that he did not resent ITV2 for cancelling the show. "I felt blessed for the first series," he said, insisting
This week, footage emerged of Dapper last month telling a female audience member she is “gagging for a rape”. Filmed at his
Farewell, Dapper. We barely knew ya. But what's next for the 'comedian'? Well, there's the Alan Partridge scenario... The
Before we start the parties and congratulate everyone for whipping up a Twitter storm, there are a few things to carefully consider. Yes, ITV should have known better - but what about everyone sat at home, scrolling through Dapper's social media accounts and laughing along?
Vine star Dapper Laughs is set to host a brand new TV series on ITV2, which will see him attempt to help members of the British