As a country, we seem to have accepted that child abuse is almost inevitable. We get irate and call for resignations when each prosecution comes to court, but it is always the social worker or police officer to blame, rather than what could have been done to prevent it. Remember that each crime represents a child. The outcomes of abuse can be devastating.
There is no need for girls who have been abused as children to end up as abused adults. We can and should step in to protect vulnerable girls. In order to achieve that, we need leadership from national and local government to make sure women and girls who experience the most extensive abuse get appropriate support, wherever they turn for help.
Through my campaigning to prevent the specific crime of child sexual exploitation (CSE), I found out more and more about the scale of child abuse in the UK. It is truly shocking... So what can we do to stop this abuse that is on an epic scale? More importantly, what can I as a Member of Parliament do? With this question keeping me awake, I developed the idea of Dare2Care.