“I don’t believe in science,” said limo driver "Mad" Mike Hughes.
This is the moment that a woman set fire to her own parachute whilst falling in mid-air during a sky dive. Brianne Thompson
Johnathan Graham is a man who wants to answer a question we've all been wondering: what happens to your face at 150mph? We'll
Remnov's hobby isn't entirely legal, but he was lucky enough to evade problems with guards. "Once we explained our mission
You see those buildings? You see that gap? You see the person with the parachute filming the video? Yep.
In a world where people are flying over mountains and leaping to Earth from space, handstands stopped being impressive some
Long hours on set for months on end, screen smooches and steamy sex scenes... it's not surprising so many on-screen romances
Felix Baumgartner isn't your average Austrian. After all, over the course of his 42 years on earth he's jumped off Malaysia's
Back on 14 October 2010, serial daredevil Colin Furze took a modified mobility scooter to a racetrack and got it up to 71.59mph