dark web

Easily available, automated hacking tools are allowing amateurs to carry out sophisticated cyber-attacks and swelling the armies of hacktivists and cyber criminals. However, the resources needed to defend and mend cyber security vulnerabilities, aren't keeping up.
Young people - who are both most exposed to the online world and the most vulnerable - need to be protected and shielded better than anyone. This education, between what is right and just and true, begins at home and in the school.
The Dark Web, the Deep Web, the Dark Internet. Take a much used and little understood technology, add a threatening adjective and you get hype and fearmongering. Are there real threats to your privacy? Yes. Is there something you can do about it? Absolutely.
For too long, we and others have looked at what has happened in Belgium and France as proof of incompetence, condescendingly stating it could never happen here. Whilst mistakes have been made by the security services in those countries. A lot of what occurred, would have been much easier to detect 10-15 years ago and a lot of the UK's near misses from that time period would have been harder to detect before that date as well.
An illicit trading site known as the “top drug market” on the dark web has been taken offline — along with millions of dollars
Thousands of paedophiles are using the notorious 'dark web' to access and trade images of sexual abuse, according to a report
Paedophiles will be handed the same treatment as terrorists under a crackdown on child abuse to be included in the Queen's
An online black market which freely offered drugs, hacking tools, stolen credit cards and hitmen for sale has been shut down