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The BBC unveiled this clip from their new show Scot Squad on Monday, showing footage of a pedestrian thinking a road sign
Another day, another interesting dash cam video. This time it appears to show a very fast streak of light hurtling to the
A man has been caught on footage causing £9,000 worth of damage to an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, whilst pushing a baby in a
UFOs are by their very nature hard to prove. It's part of the reason we love seeing them and it's also part of the reason
Gautier Police Officer Mark Rodriguez might be one of the luckiest people alive. Just days ago the police officer had the
Horrific dashcam footage has been released showing two separate angles of a wipe-out which almost cost this motorcyclist
Sky's German wing has shared this harrowing footage on Facebook, showing the aftermath of a dramatic spaceship crash. The
In terms of things that could go wrong on the motorway this has to be one of the least likely, but most scary. A lorry driver's
If you've ever wondered what it would be like to play GTA in real life - or have always longed for one of those moments when
Motorists! Need to deal with a fellow driver who's got a touch of road rage? Why, simply wind down the back window of your